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We want to welcome everyone and every Pug. Pugminded is a fun site where Pug lovers can find lots of information about Pugs, Pug rescue, videos, links and great Pugminded products. Our goal is to bring Pugminded people together, while raising awareness and support for Pug rescue and adoption. A portion of all our sales is donated to various Pug rescue organizations. Visit our Pug Rescue page for more information. When you purchase anything from Pugminded, you are helping a Pug in need.

We are glad you are here! Please take your time and wander around our site. Enjoy all the Pug pictures, videos and information. Make sure you swing by the Pugminded Shop. We have some great new items. You can also find our Pugminded products on Cafe PressAmazon and Zazzle. Feel free to send us any stories, articles, pictures or ideas you think would be helpful or entertaining for our fellow Pugminded friends. We would love to post them on our blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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